Laura Restelli

Laura Restelli


Laura has twenty years’ experience in accounting and auditing, acquired with leading auditing firms, and in the audit of annual reports of non-profit organizations and condominium associations. Founder and joint-manager of Prorevi Auditing S.r.l., an auditing firm with offices in Milan and Busto Arsizio, with which the Firm has worked since 1990. Board member of the Association of Accountants of Milan, president of the Commission of real estate administrations of the National Association of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers in Milan.

She is the co-author of books and speaker at courses and conferences at Universities and professional associations on corporate and condominium auditing.

Qualifications and professional titles

  • Law degree from the State University in Milan, 1980
  • Registered accountant with the Association in Milan since 1980
  • Enrolled in the Register of Auditors since 1995

Enrollments in boards and registers

  • Enrolled in the register of court-appointed Experts in civil proceedings, no. 7893, at the Court of Milan




Business consulting

  • Auditing
  • Accounting due diligence
  • International accounting standards (IAS / IFRS)