our values

our mission

We believe in the value of Small and Medium Enterprises and in the importance of their role within the Italian economy. Our mission is to support the growth of the enterprises with which we work, support their owners’ professional ambitions and help preserve the value of their assets over time.

why choose us?

  • We have specialized and always updated expertise in all of our professional fields. We are one of the few firms in Italy that has obtained the certification of its procedures in order to ensure the maximum quality and efficiency of our operations;
  • the optimization of tax variables, business processes and corporate governance is the ultimate goal of our consultancy services to enterprises, to help our clients improve their performance;
  • we adopt a customized approach to our clients’ business, industry and specific needs, ensuring maximum protection of company data;
  • we have an optimistic and proactive approach to legislation, tackling it as a potential source of new opportunities for growth and optimization; not as a restriction for our clients’ business activities.

our values

integrity at the root

We have remained faithful to our ideals and values since 1974!

We pursue our client’s interest, but we have the responsibility to do the right thing without entering into compromise.

We always keep our word and have great respect for the agreements reached.

taylor-made quality

There is no single solution for everyone: every client is unique and we believe in the customization of services.

We take care of each issue with great dedication, not only as to the contents but also form.

Always without compromising swiftness and efficiency.

proactive commitment

We believe in forestalling problems to foster our clients’ success in the long term.

We feel immersed in our clients’ business issues and obtaining their trust is key to effective cooperation.

entrepreneurial optimism

We believe in our clients’ entrepreneurial passion and resourcefulness, trying to foster, inspire and protect them with our work.

We are not afraid of challenges and difficulties: we face them with a positive attitude and with optimism in compliance with regulations.

We look at and treat legislation as a potential opportunity for growth and differentiation.

Le Partnership

Legal advice

With a view to completing the service offered, studio verna società professionale provides its clients with qualified legal assistance, using the services of 5 independent lawyers at hourly rates: two civil lawyers, two criminal lawyers, and one labour lawyer.

Auditing: partnership with prorevi auditing

studio verna società professionale also operates in partnership with Prorevi Auditing S.r.l., an independent auditing firm, based in Milan and Busto Arsizio.


International network: inpact global

studio verna società professionale is capable of providing global professional assistance also internationally, thanks to the INPACT Global network, based in London, of which the Firm was a founding member in 1980 and which comprises 160 correspondents operating in 65 countries of the world. www.inpactgroup.com

Quality certification

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 SGQ Certificato n. 1481

studio verna società professionale applies a quality management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for the management of legal, commercial, tax, accounting, control and auditing services.